So often I have heard many women struggle to find a piece of clothing that fits them properly. These days it is very rare for women to be a standard size and too often those “standard sizes” vary from store to store making it nearly impossible to find something that fits well. Well the simplest solution is why not have a garment made just for you and only you.

I find that a great outfit comes from how well tailored it is to the individual. By having something tailor made it automatically eliminates the fit issues you have had in the past. For example a lot of women struggle finding a shirt that fits their bust without sacrificing a tailored look around the waist. Or it’s hard to find a pant that fits nicely around the hips without being too loose around the waist. By having something custom made the garment will fit every curve beautifully and most importantly comfortably.

How the custom made process works

Firstly we begin by establishing a design. You can either provide images of what you are already after or I can design something for you.

Then I will do some fabric sourcing and on our first consultation I will present multiple fabric options for you to select and I will also take your necessary measurements for the garment.

Our second consultation will be your first fitting where I will bring a mock version of the garment (toile) in order to achieve the perfect fit.

Depending on the first fitting 1 or 2 more fittings may be necessary. If not I will purchase the agreed upon fabric and make the final garment. We will then have a final fitting just to make sure all is well and if any final alterations will be needed.


Please note that custom made garments prices will vary depending on the complexity of the project and the fabric/trimmings required. Fabric costs will be ADDITIONAL to the below prices.

Starting from;

  • Shirts: $150
  • Skirts: $140
  • Pants: $150 
  • Cocktail dresses: $250
  • Full length dresses: $350
  • Tailored jackets: $450
  • Coats: $600

Full quotes will be given at the commencement of the project. Feel free to contact me today if you have any questions on pricing or a possible project you may have in mind.