Oh hi there! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bethany and I started my business 'Bethany Alice' not long after finishing my degree in Fashion Design at RMIT.

Working in Ballarat and Melbourne, I work one on one with clients to create custom made garments for any occasion, as well as altering garments in order to achieve a piece of clothing that is designed to fit your individual shape not your size.

I originally began working with some close family and friends to help create something that was just for them. Through this work and many conversations I found a lot of women were having trouble finding something that suited their body, made them feel comfortable, and most importantly, made them feel good.

This is due to a combination of not knowing what suits your shape and finding something that fits your body. This is why I wanted to work one on one with women to create something that is made specifically for them.

By having a garment tailored to you, not only are you losing the stigma of having to be defined by a size number, but you get something that suits your shape and flatters your body. You also get free reign to create something for your style in terms of design, fabrics and colours.

I am also equally as passionate about the environmental impacts that fashion has on the world. I am constantly looking for new solutions within my business and even personal life to help reduce those effects. Through my business I aim to educate others about ways we can reduce our impact on the environment through our fashion choices. Whether its through getting a custom piece made that you will get a lot of wear out of, or altering a piece of clothing to avoid throwing it away.

There are so many things to do and I am so excited to continue my sustainable journey as well as meeting many amazing people and helping them create pieces that will have them feeling like a million bucks.