I am passionate about helping you find your inner confidence through the perfect garment. This can be achieved by creating something truly unique just for you from scratch, or working with you to alter an existing garment to bring it new life. I aim to do this all while being conscious of the environmental impacts the fashion process can create. But by working together we can eliminate environmental waste and create something that makes you feel ready to conquer the world. 



Custom made garments


I find that a great outfit comes from how well tailored it is to the individual. By having something tailor made it automatically eliminates any fit issues you have had in the past. 



Traditionally altering has always been for taking up or taking in. But have you ever thought about completely re-creating an old piece of clothing instead of just altering?

Upcycled Clothing


The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter behind oil. This has inspired me to constantly find ways to reduce waste including creating my own products made from 100% recycled fabrics coming soon!



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